Rock the World

Bistro and bar

“…an incredible atmosphere to relax or party in” – The Guardian

Fresh Food

A celestial selection of curated cuisine from across the galaxy.
Our menu is a collection of dishes from our culinary adventures over the years. A mixed tapas menu and a wide selection of new age european main courses and general bar friendly food. We use freshly sourced ingredients of the highest quality to ensure a casual dining like no other.


Our own peculiar blend of intergalactic concoctions.
A selection of everyday favourites as well as a pick of our own cosmic creations. We have used some of the finest liqueurs to design a beverage menu to quench your every liquid desire.

Delicious Organic Coffee

The same fresh ground coffee from the Flipside Cafe.
Our beans are sourced from the Wayanad hills in Kerela. A 100% organic blend of Robusta and Arabica known as Cafe Lucciolli. Served by baristas trained to pull the perfect espresso every time.

Intergalactic Madness

More than just a dining experience.
We have a ear-splitting sound system and a line up of musical experiences fit for a space sultan. We will also be hosting art, fashion and cultural events throughout the year. Join our mailing list if you would like to be notified about the next happening before anyone else.



011 41624622
Opening Times
11.00 am – 12.30 am


3rd Floor on the left